June 04, 2023
Pre-Event Reception DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and Conference Centre
June 05, 2023
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Opening Remarks
Keynote: Alvin’s Laws of Life: 5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything
Alvin Law, Professional Speaker

Alvin Law has quite a story. Not surprising that aside from being a world class professional speaker, he’s also a best selling author. Alvin’s Laws of Life…5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything! is in its 8th printing and is essentially his road map to help guide people through the challenges life throws at us every day. And if you didn’t know, Alvin has had some challenges of his own.

He was born without arms in 1960 and quickly written off by medical experts predicting zero quality of life. Apparently, Alvin and his parents didn’t get the note and he has not just survived, but thrived. His Keynote program focuses on the 5 Steps To Overcome Anything, but it’s not a workshop…it’s a storytelling journey that will not only tell us his story, but remind us, we are all writing the story of our own lives and how we live them is everything!

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Supply Chain Disruption
Nikia Reid, Executive Director of Infrastructure Planning and Priorities, Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement, Government of Saskatchewan

Presentation(s) PSMW23-Supply-Chain-Disruption.pdf

Around the world, supply chains have been disrupted for the past few years and are predicted to continue. In this session, Ms. Reid will discuss the domino effect which has precipitated supply chain disruptions, the current situation’s impact on infrastructure projects, and the Government of Saskatchewan’s plan to move forward through the expected disruptions.

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The Future of Ethics when Viewed by Multiple Lenses
Richard Arthurs, Partner, Enterprise Risk Services and National Internal Audit Services Leader, MNP

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As we move at lightning speed into the continuously changing digital world, one must think about ethics from multiple perspectives, including the side effects of digital communication and innovation.

This presentation will discuss these multiple perspectives while walking through a portfolio of leading practices. Richard will also discuss how the subject of ethics and culture will continuously evolve into the future, and how this could create and/or destroy value in the future.

Be prepared for a very insightful presentation on the past, present, and future of ethics.

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Panel: Public Sector Cybersecurity Responsiveness
Tina Beaudry-Mellor, Partner, Cyber Strategy & Risk Advisory, Deloitte

Cheryl Schmitz, CFO & VP, Administrative Services, Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Darren Myles, Chief Technology Officer, eHealth Saskatchewan
Glenne Grossman, Senior Information Security Advisor, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

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Keynote: Enterprise Leadership
Mark McLoughlin, Former Deputy Minister of Advanced Education and 3-time Grey Cup winner; President and CEO of Kootenay Savings Credit Union (KSCU)

Presentation(s) PSMW23-Enterprise-Leadership.pdf

This leadership discussion will focus on capturing four Enterprise differentiators that apply in successful organizations:

1. How organizations win by competing on intelligence where intelligence is derived from high-quality information processed in real-time, acted on with glacial precision,

2. Where optimal information processing is a function of an organization’s design, friction-free, high-quality interactions between and amongst team members,

3. Where leadership narrative and social capital is the core comparative advantage and essential to a pursuit of ‘mission’,

4. How the interconnectedness of key leadership qualities are present in successful teams.


Closing Remarks
Reception sponsored by: UiPath & Greenlight Consulting
June 06, 2023
Registration & Networking Breakfast sponsored by: CPA Canada
Opening Remarks
Keynote: Say Hello to the Future: Lessons on Transformation from the Government of Alberta’s ‘One Government Experience’ (1GX) Program
Laura Wood, Partner, ERP Transformation, Government & Public Sector, PwC Canada
Erika Borgersen, Manager in the Workforce of the Future practice, PwC

Mike Pestill, Chair of the PSMW 2023 Organizing Committee

In this fireside chat, Laura Wood, former Assistant Deputy Minister of ERP Implementation, 1GX, at the Government of Alberta, and Erika Borgersen, Change Leader of the 1GX program, will share select best practices and lessons learned from their time implementing 1GX. Organizational transformation is inevitable – from team formation to establishing governance to shaping the implementation approach and delivery, Laura and Erika share how they worked to architect inclusive enterprise transformation, moving beyond an IT focused program to enable real business driven change, sponsorship and support from start to finish.

As program sponsor, Laura will touch on keys to success with complex vendor and stakeholder management, legislative accountabilities and decision making and achieving outcomes within a federated landscape. Erika will touch on the importance of the change agent network, key lessons in harnessing learnings to scale targeted and meaningful change actions across the enterprise.

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Panel: People Strategies in a Disruptive Labour Market
James Barr, Partner, Advisory Services, KPMG Canada

Raelynn Douglas, Executive Director, Drug Plan & Extended Benefits Branch SK Ministry of Health
Darcy Smycniuk, Assistant Deputy Minister, Training and Employer Services, SK Ministry of Immigration and Career Training
Pat Bokitch, Assistant Chair, Centres of Excellence, SK Public Service Commission

Presentation(s) PSMW23-People-Strategies.pdf
Networking Break sponsored by : KPMG
Tangible Transformation – Applying Automation & AI in Finance & Accounting
Robert Ronberg, Federal Lead, Canada, UiPath
Lewis Goldenberg, RPA Lead Consultant, Greenlight Consulting

Presentation(s) PSMW23-Tangible-Transformation.pdf

Not all systems are seamlessly integrated and not all processes are documented or even partially automated.  This “linkage burden” imposes undue work burdens on staff who have no choice but to perform tedious, repetitive work that creates backlogs, negatively impacts customer and employee experiences, and exacerbates data issues that inhibit modernization and transformation.

In this session, UiPath and Greenlight Consulting – leaders in intelligent automation software and consulting services, will speak to common challenges in finance and accounting that intelligent automation is addressing with quick and measurable results. Our presenters will explain and show how intelligent automation enables seamless process documentation & automation in addition to practical applications for AI that significantly reduce manual workloads for existing staff that quickly deliver efficiencies and measurable improvements to service delivery, employee experiences and information quality.

This session will be informative, engaging and practical as these capabilities will be explained and shown in a relevant business context.

Panel: Working with the Elected
Doug Moen, Executive-in-Residence, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

Kevin Doherty, Managing Director, Saskatchewan, Prairie Sky Strategy
Dr. Louise Greenberg, Former Executive-in-Residence, JSGS

Doug Moen will moderate a panel consisting of a former provincial Cabinet minister and a former provincial deputy minister on the “ins” and “outs” of working with the elected.

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Keynote: Mission, Team, Family, Me – being and seeing the parachute packers in our lives… Sponsored in part by Accenture
Stuart Beare, LGen (ret'd), Strategic Advisor, Accenture

Public sector professionals, like other professionals, bring specific skills, knowledge, ways of working and capacities to power and empower their organization’s mission, the people they serve, and the teams alongside whom that service is delivered. General Stu will reflect with us on our own understanding of why we serve – beyond with whom and what we serve.

He will reflect with us on our consciousness and appreciation of ‘the team’ with whom we serve – including those teammates we may not be aware of – or who may not be aware of us. And he will encourage us to take stock of family – and the community that sustains us in our profession and our own service. Through these reflections, General Stu will encourage public sector professionals across all levels of the public service to think about the broader mission they are engaged in, and how they contribute to the overall outcomes of their team, their organization, and their community.

Closing Remarks


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