Jordan Samis

Executive Director, Digital Talent and Capacity, Government of British Columbia

Session 4 – Digital Talent

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Jordan believes in the role of the public service to help moderate the impacts of life and build a better future for tomorrow. Fast, responsive, connected public services are vital to ensure trust and confidence in public service. Attracting, recruiting and retaining high quality, diverse digital professionals will be key to this future.  Jordan leads the Digital Talent and Capacity Branch of the Digital Office, focusing on driving forward supports for digital talent attraction, hiring, contract partnerships, professional develop and skilling. Jordan supports the Digital Marketplace, BC Digital Academy and the Digital Talent programs. Jordan comes to digital talent work not through an IMIT background, but through a history including conflict prevention, public administration, corporate service delivery and service modernization. He appreciates that IMIT professions are vital to public sector work as policy, legal of financial professions.  Jordan has worked in the BC broader public sector for 12 years with a growing specialty and interest for service improvement, organizational development, partnerships, and supporting change. He holds a BA of Political Science and a MA in Dispute Resolution.

Jordan Samis